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How We Can Help

Image by Jonathan Borba
Image by Kelly Sikkema

What can you expect from Baby Experts? We are Registered Nurses who specialize in babies and lactation. We have the knowledge, experience and credentials to support your family through any and all of the challenges you may be facing. Your nurse will arrive with all of the equipment and supplies for a full assessment. Frequent topics include breastfeeding, bottle feeding, prematurity, multiples, NICU to home transition, and complex medical needs. We are licensed to practice in the province of Alberta through CARNA, and our in-home services may be claimed through supplemental health benefits (check your plan for details).


Initial Phone Consultation (Free)

A short 5min call with a Registered Nurse to explore your support options.

Initial In-Home Consult

Here we do a complete assessment and provide you with a strategies to address your concerns. Typically 60-90min in length.

Virtual Session

Although an in-person session is recommended for the Initial Assessment, we are able to provide support virtually. Contact us for more info and to find out if this would suit your particular needs.

Pumping Education Session

A focused 30min lactation session to get you set up for pumping. We can address your indications for pumping, and how to use the pump to your advantage. Only available at the time of breast pump delivery.

Follow-Up Session

Following an Initial Session, Follow-up Sessions are helpful to monitor progress and offer continued support. Max 60min duration.

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