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Breast Pump Rentals

For Nursing Mothers On-The-Go

The Baby Experts Advantage

The Benefits Of Renting With Us


Hospital Grade

Set yourself up for success with the strongest, most efficient pump available.


Education & Fitting

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and our nurses can ensure you have the proper fit for maximum comfort and milk extraction. 
Cost of alternate size breast shield my apply


Best Price

You won't find a better price, and we have no hidden fees.


Free Delivery

Have your pump delivered to your home by a Registered Nurse when you add the Lactation Initiation Session. *within Edmonton


Save Costs

We rent the same pumps used in Hospitals, so if you kept your parts you may not need to purchase the pumping kit. You may also be able to claim rental and lactation support costs through supplemental health benefits.


Service & Support

Our experienced nurses can get you set up for pumping success. And if you require further support, we can arrange private sessions to help you reach your goals. 
See Plans & Pricing.


How It Works

Rent & Purchase Today

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know

How Long Can I Rent For?

Our breast pump rentals are offered on a month-to-month basis, so you can rent for as many months as you need.

How Do I Clean My Breast Pump Parts?

We provide instructions on how to clean and sanitize your breast pump parts after each use. We also carry supplies for cleaning and sterilizing convenience.

Do You Require A Deposit?

No, we do not require a deposit on the rental of the equipment. Only the 99$ fee is due at the start of the rental. We do require a valid photo ID and credit card to be on file and our Rental Agreement completed.

What If I Need To Extend My Rental Period?

No problem! Your rental subscription renews each month that you keep the pump, so no need to follow-up for an extension. Many parents choose to rent for up to a year.

Electric or Manual Pumps?

We offer both electric and manual breast pumps, depending on your preference and needs.

What If I Encounter Problems During My Rental?

Please contact us immediately. We will work with you to resolve your problem, and can replace the breast pump if necessary.

What If I Don't Live In Edmonton?

No problem. Contact us & let us know where you are.

If You live outside of Edmonton but don't mind driving in, you can pick-up from us. If not, we can add a delivery fee.

Is It Safe To Rent A Breast Pump?

Yes, it is safe to rent a "Hospital Grade Multi-User" breast pump as long as proper hygiene and cleaning protocols are followed. Our breast pumps are thoroughly sanitized between users with the same process and product used in Hospitals.

How Do I Rent A Breast Pump From Baby Experts?

We make it easier than ever to rent a breast pump from us.

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will get you set up at your earliest convenience. 


Do You Have A Complete Hospital Parts Kit?

All The Neccessary Equipment

If you do not currently have all of the pieces of a complete hospital kit,

showcased in the photo, you will want to purchase a rental kit!

Mother Baby Bonding.jpg

Additional Services & Equipment

What You May or May Not Need...

Our base rental fee is $99.99/mt, and you will not find a better price elsewhere. Your monthly fee is due at the start of the rental, and will be invoiced for each month you continue to use the pump. Below is a list of additional pieces of equipment or services you may need to ensure your breast feeding journey is flawless for you and your new born.

01 - Might Need

Double Pumping Kit

These are the parts that are required to use the pump and are sold separately. If you used the pump in Hospital or from Public Health, you can use those parts instead as long as you have two sets for double pumping.



03 - Might Need

Lactation Initiation Session

Let us get you set up for success with a 30min session where we can give you a custom plan to reach your goals. We will observe your first pumping session to ensure a proper fit (alternate size breast shield cost not included). May be covered by supplemental health benefit plans.

Free delivery within Edmonton is included.

Lactation Sessions.jpg


02 - Might Need

Alternate Sized Breast Shield

Many don't need a different size, but if the standard size is too big or small, you'll want to purchase the proper size for comfort and optimal milk extraction.

101036653_PF Flex 21mm_PKG FR.png


04 - See Store For Details

Additional Supplies

You may need products for cracked, sore nipples, a nipple shield for breastfeeding, or other pumping supplies. We can deliver them for free at the time of rental. 


During your initial consultation, we will recommend while additional products and services that will assist in your breast feeding journey. We are here to help.

Mother with her Baby

Rent a Breast Pump 

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*Delivery Is Free Within Edmonton

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Rent A Breast Pump: Get Started
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