Wish your new baby came with a manual? 

Feeling alone, overwhelmed or judged? As a new parent or support person, do you feel like you don't know what you're doing and would like some professional guidance in taking care of baby?

Your feelings are valid.

We hear YOU. We can support YOU. We are here for YOU.



FROM $89.99 / Month

Medela Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump 

Can be covered by your insurance provider.

*Baby Experts is an authorized Medela vendor*



Maybe you've read the books and attended the classes but you still don't feel confident about caring for your baby.  This Baby Basics program is designed to help you gain the confidence you need.  

Full Baby Check up
Sleep Routine
Routine Baby Care
Car Seat Safety
Signs of Distress 
Common Environmental Hazards

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Whether you and your partner choose to:


Bottle feed

Tandem Feeding

Pump and Bottle 

Need lactation support

Post NICU baby feeding support

or any method you choose to safely feed your baby...

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The founders of Baby Experts are Registered Nurses specialized in newborn care. We’ve helped tens of thousands of Canadian families to have successful transitions home with their babies. With over 25 years of experiences working with mothers and their babies (premature and full term) in a clinical setting, we recognize that parents know their baby best.  We also recognize that all families have unique goals and values.  We are supportive of maintaining the integrity of parental choices. 

“Be like water” ~Bruce Lee

Lending a Helping Hand




First visit $225 session (Approximately 90 minutes)

2+ Visits $200 per session

Virtual Sessions

$100 per session (approximately 30 minutes)

*Please note that you may be eligible to claim costs through your healthcare benefits provider*

Each family is unique in their needs, therefore the amount of support needed will vary with each family.  Learn more about previous client quotes or contact us through the form to work out an accurate quote that will fit your family's needs. 

Newborn Baby
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Please check with your health care benefits plan for eligibility of covered services. We are happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

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Our Probono Bank

At Baby Experts, we believe in equal access.  We have started a probono bank which we put a little bit of each transaction into so that we can provide to those in need.  Thank you to all our past clients that helped ensure all babies can have the care they need.


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