Nursing Newborn


Everyone is expecting this to be natural and beautiful.  No one said it would take practice, like every other learnt skill.  Contact us to have our experts guide you through to successful breastfeeding. We will help you find the most comfortable position for you and for baby and ensure you have the correct latch, while looking out for nipple health.


Bottle Feeding Support

We are here to help you, your support person(s) and baby learn the art of bottle feeding. The idea that 'Just put the bottle in baby's mouth and you're good' can lead to future food aversions if response to baby's cues are not 'heard'.  We will help you and baby find the most comfortable and supportive position to allow for proper communication.

Breast Milk Pump

Lactation Support

Pumping and bottling may be the option you have chosen.  We are here to help guide you to maximize your milk production. We will also help you strategize to wean off pumping when it's time.

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Tricky Feeders

(including post NICU babies)

You've gotten all the traditional supports from community health nurses and had amazing nurses in hospital, but it's still not enough.  You're about to give up but feel 'Mom-Guilt'.  Are there any more options for support out there? Let's work out the kinks together.