Baby After Bath


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Baby Bath

Easily the most enjoyable and stressful baby care task.  Learn all the techniques so you can safely provide a clean and thorough bath for your little one.

A bath demo can be requested during a session. 

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Umbilical Cord Care

Cord care is often overlooked by parents but the umbilical cord can be a pathway for infections.  Let us teach you how to prevent that from happening and the signs to look for if something is brewing.


Baby Health Follow Up

(including Jaundice)

The community health nurse has come and gone.  S(he) sent the necessary blood for tests and everything came back within the normal limits, but you still have concerns as baby looks yellow.  A 'head to toe' assessment by one of our health experts can help guide you if further steps are necessary. 

baby car seats

Car Seat Safety

If you need a quick reassurance that you are putting baby securely into the car seat accurately, we are here to help guide you.  

Disclaimer: You are still responsible to ensure the car seat base is installed properly and that baby is properly secured before each vehicle transport.  Our guidelines follow the Government of Alberta's standards.