Sleeping Baby


Baby's sleep routine impacts your sleep the most.  Getting baby to sleep for longer periods and effectively feed in between takes patience and consistency. In this topic, we cover the basics of sleep, sleep safety, and techniques to establish a sleep routine to help you optimize the amount of time you can rest.

Baby Room


Baby care is often passed down through family 'stories' or through reading/YouTubing 'how to' videos.  However, some reassurance might be needed or expert advice is needed to help you decide which method is 'most suitable' for your family. We can ensure you are following guidelines to ensure your baby is safe and you are doing things properly to prevent accidents from happening.



When do you call 911 and when can you wait to see the doctor?  Let us guide you through a simple assessment tool focusing on baby's subtle cues so that you can learn when a situation is emergent or not. we also teach you what healthcare professionals want to know upon arrival at the ER or at a doctor's visit. 

Disclaimer: This course does not provide you with CPR certification.