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  • Every family’s experience is sacred and unique to them

  • The family is their own baby’s experts


  • Preserve the family unit’s individual beliefs/values and avoid imposing change(s) that may be a result of societal/cultural pressures

  • Support and the care needs to be tailored in a way that is “acceptable” within the family's values


  • We strive to provide all families the best support and care  

  • The family is their own baby’s experts, therefore, we are here to enhance their knowledge and skills so they can embrace the journey. 

All Baby Experts Registered Nurses are actively licensed to practice in Alberta under the Canadian Association of Registered Nurses in Alberta (CARNA). Baby Experts policies and guidelines follow recommendations made by the Alberta Government, with reference to Health Canada.  Baby Experts Inc., operating as “Baby Experts”,  is a legal corporate entity under Alberta legislation.   Baby Experts  nurses are required to act within their legal and professional scope of practice in the province of Alberta. 

“Be like water” ~Bruce Lee